BGMEA partners with Inspectorio to help member factories mitigate Covid resurgence


We have a shared responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of our workers as facilities restart operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We, at BGMEA, recognize our role in helping mitigate the risk of the virus’ resurgence and have partnered with Inspectorio to help factories assess their adherence to COVID-19 Guidelines managed via a free digital platform.  

Inspectorio has offered all our factory members their online platform, Rise, for free to help us fight this pandemic. Today, Rise is already being used by thousands of organizations to manage environmental, social and technical facility-level audits. BGMEA will leverage Inspectorio Rise to implement our COVID-19 Assessment at scale, helping to support the preparedness of our facility members to get back to work efficiently and safely, and build trust with your clients and workers by demonstrating you are taking health and safety seriously. In addition, the platform will help you identify areas of improvement, and apply solutions based on industry best practices and recommendations.    To get started, our member factories are requested to complete the registration process to access Inspectorio Rise:  1. Fill out this registration form to provide Inspectorio information about your factories. 2. You will receive an invitation to access the platform from [email protected]. Check your spam/junk folder in case you cannot find it in your inbox. Follow the instructions in the invitation email to get you set up.  3. After successfully signing in, you will need to complete the BGMEA Covid-19 Checklist assessment. This assessment has been prepared by BGMEA to check your factories’ compliance with the recommended Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.    Feel free to view this QUICK TUTORIAL VIDEO that Inspectorio prepared to guide you through Steps 2 & 3.  We expect you to complete this assessment on a bi-weekly basis and that your corrective action plans on issues identified have been successfully implemented.   We look forward to your active participation and support in this initiative. This is a unique opportunity for Bangladesh’s garment industry to position itself at the forefront of responsible production during the Covid-19 pandemic.    Inspectorio will be helping factories on the registration process, and request to reach out for assistance by emailing [email protected]

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